Letter Some common medical and basic science uses
α  Α alpha alpha particle, brain wave, carbon atom labelling, protein helix, islet cells, common base current gain of transistor, brightest start
β  Β  beta beta particle, brain wave, protein sheet, carbon atom labelling, islet cells, endorphin, second brightest star
γ  Γ gamma gamma ray, brain wave, carbon atom labelling, islet cells, third brightest start
δ  Δ delta change, electronegativity, deflection, delta particle, brain wave, locant of covalent bond of organic isomers, 4th brightest star, opiate receptor
ε  Ε epsilon electro-motive force, permitivity, fifth brightest star, material strain
ζ Ζ zeta effective nuclear charge, damping ratio of a spring, 6th brightest star
η  H eta meson, metal coordination, enthalpy, 7th brightest start in constellation, viscosity
θ  Θ theta angle, brain wave, potential temperature
ι   I iota can be used to as the symbol for an imaginary number
κ K kappa antibody light chain, opiate receptor, nucleotide motifs, capacitor dielectric constant
λ Λ lambda wavelength, antibody heavy chain, radioactive decay constant, lambda phage, cosmological constant, lambda particle, 
μ M mu micrometer, opiate receptor, mean, bridging ligand, dynamic viscosity, coefficient of friction, Poisson's ratio, permeability, muon, Mobius function
ν N nu kinematic viscosity, frequency, neutrino
ξ Ξ xi cascade particles, mathematical function
ο O omicron mathematical function
π Π pi mathematics, chemical bond, meson/ion, Product operator
ρ P rho density, resistivity, a type of protein
σ Σ sigma summation, normal stress, sigma bond, standard deviation, RNA polymerase factor, Stefman-Boltzmann constant, baryons, opiate receptor
τ T tau a type of protein, shear stress, torque, electrical time constant, a lepton, opacity
υ Y upsilon meson
φ Φ phi dihedral angle of proteins, spherical coordinate, wave phase, potential, flux
χ X chi mole fraction, susceptibility, chi square analysis
ψ Ψ psi psychology, water potential in cells, dihedral angle of proteins
ω Ω omega resistance, carbon atom labelling, angular velocity, angular frequency, circuit analysis frequency, density of universe, meson, baryon
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